Director’s and Officer’s Liability

The knowledge you need for the unexpected.

If you are a decision-maker for a for-profit privately or publicly held company, a non-profit, an educational institution, or a government entity—you need Directors and Officers Liability coverage.


Why You Need Directors and Officer’s Insurance

Directors and officers make decisions and take actions that could result in claims if those actions result in adverse financial consequences. Directors and Officers liability responds to potential lawsuits filed by employees, shareholders, customers, government agencies or competitors.


Directors and Officers Liability insurance covers defense costs and monetary damages resulting from these claims. D&O covers liabilities of the corporation itself as well as the personal liabilities of the directors and officers of the business.


The Knowledge You Need for the Unexpected

Gunn-Mowery partners with several insurance companies that have a single policy that includes Directors and Officers Liability as well as the other Management Liability coverages needed by businesses operating in today’s legal environment. A Gunn-Mowery agent will compare policy forms and pricing to identify the carrier offering the most comprehensive and cost-effective program tailored to your business operations.


Whether you’re a closely-held company or a Fortune 500 candidate, Gunn-Mowery can assist with placing your Directors and Liability policy. Our experienced staff will request needed policy changes, assist with billing, provide risk control services and be an advocate for any potential claims. The benefit of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is the reimbursement of costly defense expenses and protection of personal assets.


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