Inland Marine Insurance Coverage

Inland marine insurance provides coverage for property in transit, at a temporary location or temporarily being stored by a third party. It also covers certain types of moveable property, instruments of transportation (such as bridges, roads and piers) and instruments of communication (such as computers, television and radio towers).

To review your options for this type of coverage, Gunn-Mowery can consult with you to address your needs.


Who Needs Inland Marine Coverage?

If you are transporting or shipping goods, or own property that is mobile or may be transported at some point, you may need the protection provided by inland marine insurance. Any time you transport property, it is subject to theft, destruction from accidents or other forms of loss. Inland marine insurance can cover a wide range of property, including: equipment, supplies, tools, computers, someone else’s property that is temporarily in your possession, or structures/materials during construction projects.

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The Upside of Inland Marine Liability Insurance Coverage

Every business is different, so their insurance coverage should be too. A Gunn-Mowery consultant will help you evaluate your inland marine risk and determine your need for this type of coverage.

We provide the Upside of Insurance by offering you an exceptional insurance experience. We are diligent to save you money, time and energy. Our professionals bring you insurance information and quotes, doing the research for you and saving you time. We maximize your savings, your coverage and we work with you as your company grows, so you always have the right insurance for your needs and can focus on your business.

No matter what kind of items you need to transport or cover, we can help. Whether you are fine art dealer or transporting heavy machinery or new technology, we can address your specific needs. We can offer you quotes on inland marine liability insurance separately or in combination with marine insurance or other business insurance options.


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