Retirement Planning

If you own a company, offering a retirement plan gives your workers an additional benefit that extends well beyond their working years. While employee benefits can protect, and assist your team while they work for you, assisting with planning retirement shows your workers you care and rewards their years of service. 

Gunn-Mowery, LLC works with retirement specialists to design a plan that meets the unique needs of your organization. If you want to offer employee retirement benefits but are concerned about the liability, cost or time involved, we can handle the details.

The Upside of working with Gunn-Mowery is that we create custom retirement solutions for your employees. We’ll also present your options in plain English, without all the insurance jargon. We handle the details, so you can focus on business.


The Importance of Retirement Benefits for Employees

Social Security does not cover the cost of living in senior years, and many employees are worried about how they will maintain their quality of life after they retire. Your employees pour years of their life into your organization, and a comprehensive retirement plan shows you care about your team, even after they have left your company.

Talented workers look for employers who support them with comprehensive benefits, including retirement solutions that help them beyond their working years. While savings and private retirement plans are one option, they do not offer the same aggressive growth, tax shelter and security as employer group plans. Employer-offered plans allow employees to save faster and save more for retirement.

For you, offering a benefit plan lets you attract the best talent and lets you build goodwill. It can help you offer tax advantages, boost employee morale and retain your most talented team members.


What Employee Retirement Benefits Can You Offer?

Offering retirement planning helps your employees feel more confident about their future, which can help you retain the best workers. Retirement planning in Lemoyne, PA and across the Central Pennsylvania area is more than just creating a retirement account. Gunn-Mowery offers expertise in a number of financial services and can step in to help employees with planning:



Working With Gunn-Mowery

With offices in Lemoyne, State College, Lancaster and Dillsburg, PA, Gunn-Mowery, LLC can help you create a complete retirement planning solution for your employees, including those services they need today and in the future. Gunn-Mowery, LLC takes all the guesswork out of creating a retirement plan that works for you and your team. The Upside of Insurance with us is that we guide you through the process, help you select the right options and ensure we save you time and money. Contact Gunn-Mowery today to discuss your needs and to start building the customized retirement solution for your business.


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