Employment Practices Liability

Myth: EPL Claims are Only for Big Companies. Fact: More Than 40% of All EPL Claims are Filed Against Employers With 15-100 Employees.You rely on your employees to help grow your business and stay competitive. Your team is likely one of your strongest assets, but are your employment practices placing you at risk? If you don’t already have employment practices liability, it is important to consult with Gunn-Mowery before you hire or interview another candidate.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) protects you if you or your business are ever named in a claim alleging wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, failure to promote and other employment related claims. Such claims are surprisingly common and can be brought about by a candidate you didn’t hire or by a current or former employee.


The reality is that small and medium-sized businesses can be especially vulnerable to these claims because they do not have legal departments, HR departments or, in some cases, even an employee handbook or clear expectations and guidelines. For larger or growing companies, EPLI is essential as disgruntled current or former employees may make baseless claims in hopes of collecting from your company. Even baseless claims can be extremely costly for your company to defend.




The Upside of Insurance With Gunn-Mowery

It can seem that an employment claim can have only downsides. However, Gunn-Mowery ensures you experience the Upside of Insurance. We can help you enjoy peace of mind when you are recruiting, hiring, training and building your employee base. From the moment you start recruiting, employment practices insurance can cover you.


Gunn-Mowery understands that Employment Practice Liability claims can hurt your brand, reputation, and disrupt business. Insurance options that we bring to the table can help you reduce the risk of costly litigation and the legal damage rising from this type of claim.


Gunn-Mowery is an independent insurance agency, meaning we can provide options from a variety of insurance carriers. We do the research and comparisons, and we seek out the right insurance policies so you don’t have to.


Experience you can count on.

The number of employment-related lawsuits is at an all time high and steadily increasing. Every decision, policy, and procedure risks scrutiny in the event of a suit. The Upside is having experienced professionals who can design the right combination of coverage for your firm. Most general liability insurance policies exclude suits by employees charging wrongful termination, racial or gender discrimination, or harassment, which are covered by Employment Practices Liability.

If you’d like to find out how EPLI coverage can protect you and how much it can cost, contact us for a free quote or with your questions. Our team would be happy to take the guesswork out of insurance for you.



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