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September 3rd, 2019

The Easiest Way to Buy HSA & FSA Items Online

  If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can now use your HSA or FSA card to pay for eligible items on Amazon. This lets you put your balance towards dozens of health and hygiene items, including deodorant, eye drops, vitamins, lip balm, first aid...
August 1st, 2019

Running a Business from Home? You need these coverages.

  Working from a home office, or creating and running a business from your home or apartment, can have a variety of intangible benefits, and be a wonderful way to earn a living or just some extra spending money. However, it’s important to remember that a business is just that – a...
July 1st, 2019

Fire Pit Safety for your Home

‘Tis the season to hang out with friends and family around a blazing fire. While a fire pit can be a wonderful addition to your home, all fires are potentially dangerous. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, at least 5,300 injuries related to fire pits or outdoor heaters were...
July 1st, 2019

No Medical ID card? No problem!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you haven’t received your member ID card yet but you have a doctors appointment? Or you left your ID card at home but you need to go to urgent care as soon as possible? We know this can be frustrating and common, so we created a... Read More
June 26th, 2019

A Guide to Insurance for Manufacturers

Jump to: Why Insure Your Manufacturing Business? | Manufacturing Risks | Insurance Policies for Manufacturers | Three Ways to Choose the Best Insurance for Your Business | Mitigate Risk With Manufacturing Insurance Discussing business or commercial insurance can feel overwhelming. Every industry...
June 3rd, 2019

Insurance in 15 minutes. But is it worth it?

  Chubb’s latest survey has found that more consumers have been shopping for homeowners insurance online the past few months. According to the study, entitled “Winning the New Client Journey,” more than half of respondents said that they shopped online for homeowners...
April 30th, 2019

Who is Liable When a Tree Falls?

Many homes have one or more types of trees on their property. Trees provide shade and complement landscaping nicely. However, they can also cause major disputes when they fall. Whether the tree falls due to improper maintenance, ill-health, or because of a storm, a property owner is often left to...
April 1st, 2019

Eyes on the Road: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month!

April is known for many things: showers that bring May flowers, a day for fools and pralines! But of all of the April observances, one stands out for it’s potential to save lives: Distracted Driving Awareness Month. According to the National Safety Council, everyday at least nine people...