Being involved in a car accident is stressful, regardless of how severe the damage. It’s hard to remember all of the details and steps you should take when your emotions are high. That’s why we created an Auto Accident Help App to help you collect and gather all of the information necessary when you are in an accident. It is also extremely helpful to have all of these details when you need to submit a claim to your insurance company. Our app is FREE to download on all iPhone and Android devices. 

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Automatically detects the accident date, time and location
  • Helps you collect information from drivers, passengers & police
  • Produces a detailed accident report with attached photos & contact information
  • Allows you to send the report directly to any email address 
  • Keeps track of your submitted claims and accident reports
  • BONUS FEATURE: A Home Inventory checklist allows you to snap photos of your belongings, categorize them and add important details, like purchase price 

How to Download the App:

  • Open the App store on your phone and type “Gunn Mowery” in the search bar
  • Click on the buttons below (iTunes for iPhones or Google for Androids) to download the app directly