Since we were all impacted by Winter Storm Jonas, many have experienced dangerous property conditions. Look for warning signs! Snow loads for flat roofs in most cases in our region are typically 30 pounds per square foot. This roughly translates to 24″ to 30″ of snow depending on the moisture density of the snow {which means that currently many roofs are beyond capacity}. Sloped roofs allow for lower snow loads; the steeper the slope, the lower the allowable snow load.

Warning Signs:

  • Sagging ceiling or drywall
  • New cracks in the wall or the ceiling
  • Cracking or dripping sounds
  • Windows/doors that are difficult to open or close

Please contact Kathy McDonald, Licensed Personal Lines Agent at Gunn-Mowery, LLC with any questions or concerns.

[email protected] | 717-761-4600

Risk Management Series | Snow Load Safety Guide | FEMA P-957


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