Does Your Business have a Flood Plan?

April 1st, 2016

This flood preparation checklist will help you prepare your business if you happen to have a flood.

Knowing your business has strategies in place to help cope with a natural disaster like a flood should make it easier for your business to minimize losses, maintain business continuity and recover quickly. Read through this flood preparation checklist to see if your business is prepared.


Stock and Equipment

Have you planned a place well above floor level where you can keep computer, equipment and stock off the floor?


Have you identified, if any, the problem areas and potential flood heights?

Have you asked your local council about flood plans or records in your area?

Is your business in a building that has brick or tiled walls that are less likely to be damaged and are easily cleaned?


Have you checked where there is adequate insurance to cover you in the event of a flood?

Have you contacted your insurance company to check if there are any specific preparations you need to make prior to the event?

Business Documentation and Records

Have you located and packed your critical documentation (insurance, financial, legal and identification documents) in a waterproof container?

Have you backed up your critical data to a portable storage device and stored it in a secure location?

Business Continuity

Have you developed your business continuity plan?

Have you test and updated your business continuity plan?

Have you trained staff in flood response procedures and their specific roles?

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