Labor Day is often celebrated as the unofficial end of summer. This weekend, in the midst of your celebrations, please take a few moments to ensure that you and your loved ones staysafe.



  • Make sure that you have a stocked emergency kit in your car at all times while on the road.
  • Let a friend or family member know where you are going, and your intended route so the authorities can be alerted if you do not reach your destination.
  • NEVER drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver if you plan to enjoy any alcoholic beverages.
  • Always follow the posted speed limit while behind the wheel.



  • Always make sure there is supervision while people are swimming, and never swim alone.
  • Anybody that is not a strong swimmer should always wear a proper flotation device, such as a life jacket.
  • Never swim during a lightning storm to reduce your risk of being injured by a lightning strike in the water.



  • Place the grill in an open, well-ventilated area that is not near any buildings, decks, or low-hanging trees that could catch on fire.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby when grilling to put out any accidental fires that start while you are grilling.
  • Create a safety zone with chalk or cones, and warn children about the dangers of playing too close to a lit grill.
  • Make sure to clean all grilling utensils whenever they touch any raw meat to prevent any food borne illnesses.


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