With the year changing from 2020 to 2021 (finally!)  it’s time to complete your 2020 OSHA 300 and 300A logs.

Many employers with more than 10 employees are required to keep a record of serious work-related injuries and illnesses with these logs. Certain low-risk industries are exempted. If you are not exempt, OSHA has two requirements for posting these records that may apply to your business:

  1. February 1st through April 30th you must post your OSHA 300A log in a conspicuous place or places where notices to employees are customarily posted.
  2. Before March 2nd you must input your 300A online through OSHA Injury Tracking Application (https://www.osha.gov/injuryreporting/ita/) if you meet the following criteria:
    • Between 20-249 employees and are classified in certain industries with historically high rates of occupational injuries and illnesses.
    • 250 or more employees that are currently required to keep OSHA injury and illness records.

If you have any questions or need help with posting feel free to reach out to Neel Horst, Senior Risk Control Consultant, or Matt Steighner, Risk Control Consultant.