True or False?

1) To minimize exposure to cold do your shoveling all at once, after the snow has fallen. {True | False}

2) Shoveling is like a sport: e.g. you need to warm up, practice good techniques and drink lots of water. {True | False}

3) It’s better to push the snow to the side rather than to lift and throw it. {True | False}

4) You should treat snow shoveling like picking up a heavy object. {True | False}

5) Feeling tired or short of breath means you are benefiting from the exercise. Keep shoveling. {True | False}


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Answers to Snow Shoveling Quiz

1. False. Don’t let the snow pile up. Shovel frequently, removing smaller amounts at a time to reduce the need for heavy lifting.

2. True. Do back and side bends before you go out, lift properly, and drink water before and after. If you’re a bit out of shape, don’t over-exert yourself.

3. True. Avoid lifting heavy shovel fulls of snow. By pushing, you also avoid twisting or turning movements that could injure your back. Use a lightweight, pusher-type shovel.

4. True. As with any heavy object, bend your knees when lifting, and keep the shovel as close to you as possible.

5. False. Rest if you feel tired. Stop shoveling immediately if you feel chest or back pain. The combination of lifting and cold weather can lead to a heart attack.