A homeowners policy typically covers water damage from the “top-down”, but not water damage caused from the “bottom-up”. Problems arise when water is on or below the surface of the ground and enters through the foundation or by backup through a sewer or drain pipe. Flooding is excluded on a home policy, but most insurance companies offer an optional limited coverage for sewer and/or drain backup and sump pump failure and/or overflow. Be sure to read your policy to verify your coverage, especially if you have a finished or even unfinished basement. 

Tips to Prevent Water Backup Damage

  • Don’t pour cooking oil or grease down your drains.
  • Only flush bathroom tissue in your toilets (i.e. don’t flush paper towels, feminine products, etc.).
  • Consider consulting a professional about replacing problematic underground pipes
  • Consult a sump pump professional, typically a plumber, to check your sump pump regularly and look for any pre-existing drainage system issues.
  • Install a backwater prevention valve to prevent sewer backups—in fact, most new homes are built with this already installed.
  • Buy a battery backup to keep your sump pump running when the power goes out, or buy a water-powered backup sump pump.

The average cost of water backup and sewer coverage is $50 to $250 annually, depending on your risk exposure and the limits you select. Different limits are available to match people’s different needs. Contact us today for a free quote for water backup and sewer coverage. 

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