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While personal property coverage is an important part of your homeowners insurance, it’s a good idea to take a close look at your policy to understand what this coverage can help protect.

Though personal property coverage helps protect the majority of your belongings, most insurance companies set limits on certain items, like jewelry. For example, your policy may cover a single piece of jewelry that’s worth up to $1,000. If you own a $500 necklace that is damaged and needs to be replaced, you’re in good shape. However, if you own a $10,000 necklace, scheduled personal property can help you insure it.

Scheduled personal property is an optional coverage you can add to your homeowners, renters or condo insurance policy.


Some belongings you might want to consider:


  • Jewelry and furs

  • Art and antiques

  • Stamp or coin collections

  • Firearms

  • Musical instruments

  • Expensive cameras



How to Schedule Items:

To get your items scheduled, you typically need to provide a recent receipt or a professional appraisal. Then contact Gunn-Mowery and we will set you up and make sure your possessions are covered! 


 Contact Gunn-Mowery To Make Sure Your Possessions Are Covered! 

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