Safety and Loss Control Management

Effective risk control for Workplace Safety, Property Conservation, General Liability and Fleet Services is a crucial component to any quality insurance program. That’s why Gunn-Mowery works closely with clients to develop and implement an effective, realistic, and attainable program tailored to your specific needs.


Partnering with us gives you the tools needed to effectively manage risk and help maximize your company’s profitability. To help our clients achieve this success, we work with you to develop and improve your company’s safety culture in addition to assisting with technical issues and federal, state, and local regulatory compliance, where required.


of business executives report that workplace safety has a positive impact on a company's financial performance.

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The Importance of Establishing a Workplace Safety Program

The most important part of any safety and loss control program is the mitigation and minimization of risk. Instituting a workplace safety loss control program can be the first step to reducing injuries for your workers while improving productivity and reducing insurance and claims costs.

When considering loss control management services and your workplace safety program, it is essential to tailor your approach to your workplace. Consider why you wish to commit fully to loss control management now and engage all decision-makers in your organizations. Run an audit or review to determine the risk factors that are present in your industry and specific locations so your risk management program can specifically address those issues. Be sure to consider environmental, workplace and activity-specific risks.

A customized workplace safety program is useful because it addresses the risk that is actually present in your organization, rather than trying to adapt someone else’s safety program for your business. When you have a customized plan, commit it to writing.

You may wish to develop official emergency action plans, fire safety plans, post-exposure plans, electrical safety programs and other programs your organization needs. Written materials and plans codify your workplace safety plan and give everyone a place to refer when they have questions. These written plans can also act as the basis for employee training. You should offer employees training during onboarding, department transfers and when they take on new duties.

A written and formal workplace safety program has other benefits, too. It provides a baseline you can use when evaluating incident reports and workplace injuries. During yearly or quarterly reviews, you can examine your plan and any injuries to make adjustments as needed, allowing your organization to become safer over time.

  • A comprehensive workplace safety program can decrease the likelihood of a workplace injury by up to… 50% 50%

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Safety & Compliance Training Solutions

Gunn-Mowery is proud to offer environmental, health & safety training programs and tools through Summit Training Source, powered by the Health & Safety Institute. These training programs can help you reduce risk, comply with regulations, and save money.

Click here for your individual training programs. You can also contact us to learn more about the range of services we offer to bring you peace of mind and security — so you can focus on what matters: your business.

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