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Your mission is to produce a safe product while maintaining a high level of profitability. Our mission is to protect that process with no surprises that affect your assets and profit.   

The Food and Agribusiness industry has unique risks management and insurance requirements. Gunn-Mowery’s industry experience, coupled with close market relationships with specialized carriers, allows us to help you effectively manage risk and maximize your company’s profitability. 


Why Do I Need Agribusiness Insurance?

While in the past, farm insurance covered most rural businesses related to food manufacturing, today’s commercial agricultural companies are more complicated than ever before. They could be transporting products and goods across vast stretches of land and require coverage for those events. Or, they may own Intellectual Property or patents which are valuable and need protection.

Commercial agribusiness insurance exists for those companies that are not quite farms but are related to agriculture. Fertilizer manufacturers, dairy food producers, meat packaging plants, canneries, food wholesalers, agricultural supportive services and other companies in the farming sector all have unique coverage needs that farm insurance alone can’t supply. Food and agribusiness coverage closes that gap.

If you run an agricultural business of any kind, coverage is essential to protect your investment and your future profits. In this competitive industry, smaller companies, primarily, are often working to compete with much larger corporations. Being closed for days or weeks due to fire, theft or any other loss can close your business. Not having the right coverage also puts you at risk of legal claims, which can target the assets of your company. Finally, insurance ensures you don’t have to leverage your company or dig into profits or savings to pay for losses.


What Is Covered?

Agricultural business insurance can cover:

  • Commercial Property: A policy can cover your buildings, equipment, personal property, real estate, the contents of your structures and more from fire and damage, up to your policy limit.
  • Liability: If an injury or property damage occurs at your business, this coverage can protect you in the case of legal claims.
  • Auto Insurance: If your agribusiness is involved in transport, auto insurance can help protect your fleet.

Policies vary widely, and you can create your own insurance solutions by working with Gunn-Mowery to find custom options which make sense for you. That’s the Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery.


Choosing the Right Food and Agribusiness Insurance

When selecting coverage, you need to find solutions which fit your budget and your needs. Overpaying can place additional stress on your cash flow while choosing an inexpensive option is not ideal if it does not provide you with the robust coverage and the peace of mind you need.

That’s where the Upside of Insurance comes in. Gunn-Mowery believes insurance can be a positive experience, and we work to bring you the Upside of Insurance. As an agency, we can bring you quotes from multiple companies, so you can find the range of coverage and the price you want. The Gunn-Mowery team is experienced in both farm and agricultural insurance laws, options and issues. We listen to your concerns and needs, then — based on the specifics of your business — we’ll help you find insurance that covers as much as possible for the fairest price.

If you ever have questions, you don’t have to wait online with large insurance companies. Just call Gunn-Mowery, and our knowledgeable team will be happy to help. If you want insurance for your business, get an agribusiness insurance quote today by contacting Gunn-Mowery.


Protecting your Assets 

Gunn-Mowery provides practical, cost-effective risk management solutions. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the Food and Agribusiness Industries, we can often identify risks and develop strategies that other brokers may not have considered. 

Our clients rely on us to design programs and solutions tailored for their specific needs. Safeguard your operation by partnering with someone who truly understands the unique needs of the Food and Agribusiness industry. 


For over 20 years, Gunn-Mowery has served a wide spectrum of Food and Agribusiness-related risks including: 


Fruit & Vegetable Dealers Food Processors Food Distributors
Fertilizer Manufacturers Beverage Distributors Poultry Processors
Feed Mills Transportation Dairies
Egg Processors Equipment Dealers Grain Dealers


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