Food and Agribusiness Practice

Your mission is to produce a safe product while maintaining a high level of profitability. Our mission is to protect that process with no surprises that affect your assets and profit.   

The Food and Agribusiness industry has unique risks management and insurance requirements. Gunn-Mowery’s industry experience, coupled with close market relationships with specialized carriers, allows us to help you effectively manage risk and maximize your company’s profitability. 


Protecting your Assets 

Gunn-Mowery provides practical, cost-effective risk management solutions. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the Food and Agribusiness Industries, we can often identify risks and develop strategies that other brokers may not have considered. 

Our clients rely on us to design programs and solutions tailored for their specific needs. Safeguard your operation by partnering with someone who truly understands the unique needs of the Food and Agribusiness industry. 


For over 20 years, Gunn-Mowery has served a wide spectrum of Food and Agribusiness-related risks including: 


Fruit & Vegetable Dealers Food Processors Food Distributors
Fertilizer Manufacturers Beverage Distributors Poultry Processors
Feed Mills Transportation Dairies
Egg Processors Equipment Dealers Grain Dealers