Recreational Vehicle and Watercraft Liability Insurance

watercraft liability insurance on recreational vehiclesFor many people, buying a boat, RV, watercraft or other recreational vehicle is a dream. These vehicles can be a lot of fun and offer freedom as well as a different way of experiencing travel. However, you also need strong insurance to cover your new vehicle and yourself in the event of a crash or theft.


What Is Covered by Recreational Vehicles Insurance?

Your insurance may cover:

  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • First Party Benefits (FPB)
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Property protection


It also may cover the following:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability: These options exist in case you are found liable for bodily injury or property damage while operating, pulling or occupying your ATV, boat, RV or other recreational vehicles.


  • Limited Contents Coverage: This covers what you have inside the vehicle at the time of the crash. If you have an ATV, trailer, 5thwheel, boat or any recreational vehicle where you store considerable personal belongings, you can also get specialized personal property coverage.


  • Specialized coverage: Specialized coverage can include replacement coverage in case your entire vehicle needs to be replaced. You can also purchase custom equipment coverage, to protect any custom work or additions you made. Vacation liability coverage is important if you will be using your recreational vehicle as a vacation home.


You can purchase insurance for just about any kind of recreational vehicle, from 5th wheelers to RVs, ATVs, boats, motorhomes, travel trailers, off-road vehicles and more. Watercraft insurance covers your Jet Ski, Sea Doo, Wave Runner or other personal watercraft.


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Do I Need Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

If you have any recreational vehicle, you will need insurance. You will generally not be able to operate a boat, for example, without insurance. You also cannot drive your RV without RV insurance. The policy for your car will not cover a crash in a recreational vehicle, and your home policy will offer either limited coverage or no coverage at all for your recreational vehicle.

Recreational insurance is also important because these vehicles are a target for theft. In addition, the way they are driven can make crashes more likely. For example, ATVs may allow you to go over rough terrain, but this ability can also put you more at risk for collisions when compared with driving on a road.

Whether you need boat insurance, a policy for your motorhome or coverage for another recreational vehicle, contact us at Gunn-Mowery, LLC for a quote. We review your needs and make sure you get the insurance that’s best for you. We also compare policies and quotes from a variety of insurance companies to ensure you get the right fit and the right premium.

Since we are an insurance agency and not an insurance company, we are not beholden to one company, and we can give you a more comprehensive look at the options on the market. That’s the Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery, LLC.

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