Protecting Your Livelihood

Whether you own a ranch, hog farm, corn-growing operation or any other type of ranch, farm insurance protects your livelihood. The risks of farming are substantial, and fire, legal claims and accidents and injuries can occur at any time. Having the right coverage can help protect you if there is a problem, minimizing the disruption to your operations.


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What We Cover

General Liability Coverage
If a legal claim is brought against you because your farm or your employees cause unintended harm to someone or their personal property, this coverage protects you. For example, one of your visitors get kicked by a spooked animal, this coverage will help pay for their medical bills.


Property Coverage

If fire, theft or other covered incidents cause property damages or loss, this part of your policy covers you. This coverage allows you to replace or repair outbuildings, farm structures, your home, farm equipment and other property — up to specific limits.


Farm Equipment

If you have invested substantially in heavy machinery for your farm, this extra layer of protection can bring you peace of mind.


Livestock & Livestock Mortality

For ranches and other types of farms, livestock represents a significant investment, and this coverage ensures you’re protected in case this investment is stolen or injured.

Water and Sewer Backup

If water or sewer backups affect your home, this additional coverage helps you to handle these costs. Since your home may be on a septic tank and drilled well in a rural area, this coverage can make sense.


Replacement Cost

Typical farm insurance will cover the actual cash value of your lost or damaged personal property. For an extra cost, you can get coverage for replacement cost, so you are paid the cost of replacing the items, ensuring depreciation does not negatively impact your claim.


Other Buildings

Other than your home, the other buildings, such as silos, barns and other structures may not be covered unless you seek this additional protection.


Pollution Liability

If you’re driving a tractor that is pulling a tank with insecticide and the tank comes off and spills into a stream, this coverage will help pay for clean-up of the stream.


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“Linda, we deeply appreciate all that you have done for us over the years. You and the staff at Gunn-Mowery are truly a class act.”

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