Central Pennsylvania is a tricky region to be a NFL football fan due to our close proximity to multiple major cities. We have die hard Philadelphia Eagles fans, crazy Pittsburgh Steelers fans, Baltimore Ravens fanatics, Washington Redskin groupies, New York Giants and Jets supporters. Oh and you can’t forget the Cowboys enthusiasts thrown into the mix (we know there are a few Dolphin’s fans in Central PA, too!) 

All of this football mayhem means A LOT of football tailgates. It also means a A LOT of disagreeing when it comes to what teams to support. A combustible mix of alcohol, open flames and dense traffic, to name a few factors, can make tailgates ripe for costly accidents and injuries. In many cases, the right insurance coverage can spare you from paying for these mishaps on your own.


Let’s look at a few tailgating fouls: 


Foul Called:  Covered By: Play by Play:
Accidentally grill your car Auto Insurance If you have comprehensive insurance (other than collision), your auto policy will pay for a variety of problems not related to car crashes, including fires.
 An opposing fan vandalizes your vehicle Auto Insurance If you have comprehensive insurance on your auto policy, this coverage will pay to repair damage stemming from vandalism, riots and civil disturbances, among other things, minus your deductible.
You don’t cook the hamburgers the whole way and give your buddies food poisoning Homeowners, renters and condo insurance Hopefully your friends wouldn’t sue you for medical bills, but if they did…you would be covered under your personal liability insurance, which covers others’ bodily harm that your responsible for, up to your policy’s limit.
You throw a football and break another tailgaters expensive speakers Homeowners, renters and condo insurance If they seek reimbursement, your home, renters or condo insurance may be able to cover what you owe. The liability coverage in your policy typically will pay for damage you unintentionally cause to others’ property.
You dent another tailgater’s vehicle trying to beat the rush home Auto Insurance Liability insurance pays to repair damage to other driver’s vehicle, up to your policy’s limit.


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