You might think that most of the damage to your car is likely to come from a collision, but according to the Farmers Insurance Seasonal Smarts Digest, car claims related to the dangers of hail, rising water and flooding, glass damage and tornadoes all present major hazards for drivers as spring’s warmer weather arrives.

The biggest month for hail-related Auto damage claims is May. Hail is a frequent by-product of spring and summer thunderstorms. Hail stones are actually layered ice balls that form when updrafts in thunderstorms carry droplets of rain upward and into very cold upper layers of the atmosphere. They then freeze into typically irregularly shaped balls of ice and are classified as hail if they have a diameter of at least .20 inches. According to Farmers’ claims date, 58% of all annual hail claims related to damage to vehicles are reported between March and May.

Half of all flood-related claims take place in the Spring. Flash floods can often bring rolling water ranging from 10-15 feet high. It takes as little as two feet of rushing water to carry away a car, despite it weighing a few thousand pounds when dry. Farmer’s noted that 2015 proved to be an especially treacherous year, as rising water and flooding claims more than quadrupled from the same three-month window in 2014.  {original post}

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