“I pay all of this money and never have a claim!”

October 3rd, 2016


None of us like paying an insurance bill, even those of us who sell the policies. This is especially true if we never turn in a claim (if we are that lucky!) This makes it easy to forget that insurance is a “pooling” system in which we all put in our money and the few who need it, pull some out of it.


According to the Oregon Insurance Division, the average homeowner makes a claim every nine years. Homeowners claims are filed less frequently than automobile claims because houses don’t move: Essentially, the event must come to the home. The most common types of claims include water damage, personal injury, dog bites and fire damage.


Fortunately, many of the claims we see are for amounts that don’t astound us, but there are a few unlucky people who are forced to use claim money to simply survive financially. This is when we can truly see the need for insurance to provide a financial life line that allows the policy holder to continue on a near normal life as possible.


Gunn-Mowery and our companies are proud to have been able to assist our customers in the following instances (information such as names and dates have been removed for confidentiality of our clients):


Client Example #1

  • Fire and smoke damage to house
  • Fire started in finished basement
  • Insurance paid $98,170.53 


Client Example #2

  • Total fire loss to cabin
  • Content, shed and garage also involved
  • Insurance paid $91,282.26 on cabin, $2,019.50 on shed and $3,133.32 on garage


Client Example #3

  • Fire in shed that spread to home
  • Insured out of home
  • Insurance paid $75,000 on the house, $50,000 on personal property and $25,000 additional living expenses 


Client Example #4

  • Fire in home caused by an extension cord to a refrigerator in garage
  • Insured out of home for several months
  • Insurance paid $400,000 on the house, $75,0000 on personal property and $25,000 on additional living expenses


Client Example #5

  • Car struck and injured a bicyclist
  • Friend rented the car in the insureds name
  • Insurance paid $1,250,000


Client Example #6

  • Water damage to a vacation home
  • Jacuzzi broke and damaged the house down to the garage
  • Insurance paid $165,413


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