New Secure Email Delivery at Gunn-Mowery

February 23rd, 2017

We are updating our secure email delivery at

Gunn-Mowery to make it easier to use. Here’s how it will affect you…



If your company email supports TLS encryption (which is common), you will be able to receive and reply to secure emails without the need for additional technology. You will receive secure emails into your regular mail.

If your company email does not support TLS, you will still receive emails through our new secure message portal, powered by Microsoft. This portal offers the ability to view your email using a validation code, without the need to create an additional account and password. 

Here is how you can open a Secure Mail.



With our new secure email system, you will no longer need to create a separate account. Instead, you will receive a temporary pin to your existing email and that pin will allow you to check your secure email from us. 

Here is how you can open a Secure Mail.



Please contact our IT Department at [email protected] or 717-761-4600 with any questions!