Switching Your Motor Vehicle Insurer

If you are switching your motor vehicle insurer, it is important to know that vehicle owners, not insurance companies, are responsible for making sure the state has the correct information on file. When a driver cancels a policy, the state is notified by the insurance company, however if the driver does not respond with the updated insurance information, the driver is at risk for fines, penalties and driving restrictions.





Since insurance companies are not required by law to notify PennDOT when a vehicle owner acquires a new insurance policy with the same or different insurance company, the insured must provide proof of insurance to PennDOT when they change insurance companies.


To submit your proof of insurance for FREE online, you will need:

  • The first eight digits of your title number
  • The last digits of your VIN number
  • The first two characters of the owner’s last name or the first two characters of the company’s name if the vehicle is titled with a company
  • All the insurance information including NAIC code, company name, policy number, effective data and expiration date
  • Contact information like email address and phone number
  • Insurance proof document in PDF or image format (JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF)
  • A printer


Click here to submit online Proof of Insurance to PennDOT (if the link doesn’t work the first time, try it again and it will load!) If you are a Gunn-Mowery client and change the carrier that has your insurance, PennDOT still needs to be notified. If you have any questions please contact us today!