If you have damage or an incident that leads to needing to report a claim against your insurance policy, we encourage you to contact us as your independent agent as soon as possible for support and guidance. It’s important to do what you can to prevent further damage from occurring and take photos of the damage.The Gunn-Mowery Auto Accident App is free and allows you to collect and gather all of the information necessary when you are in an accident. 



As you know, insurance policies are contracts between you and your insurance carrier. As such, there are contractual obligations you need to meet if you have a claim. 


What is Expected of You in the Event of a Claim

  • Notification. You must notify your insurance carrier directly or call Gunn Mowery’s claims liaison for assistance or advice. 
  • Assistance. You must provide the insurance carrier with all available information. This includes any suit papers or other documents which will help in the event a legal defense may be necessary.
  • Cooperation. You must cooperate with the carrier fully in any legal defense. This may include any association by us with the covered person in defense of a claim reasonably likely to involve the insurance carrier.
  • Examination. A person making a claim under any liability or vehicle coverages in the policy must:
    1. Submit as often as reasonably required to physical exams by physicians the carrier will select and pay for, and to examination under oath and subscribe the same.
    2. Authorize the carrier to obtain medical reports and other pertinent records


Gunn-Mowery Claims Team 

Gunn-Mowery, LLC has a dedicated claims team, which is unique in the industry. Few agencies make the effort to develop a dedicated team for claims. A claims management team dedicated to you offers you several Upsides:

  • Reporting claims is streamlined and you can track your claim through to its conclusion. Having a dedicated team means the answers are there when you need them. When you need to make a claim, you don’t have to contact an insurance company and be placed on hold or shuffled between departments. Instead, our claim management experts will handle the whole claim with you, from start to finish, while working to offer you the support you need.


  • Assisting with serious or challenging claims. Our dedicated claim management team may be especially appreciated if your situation is severe or difficult for any reason. Our team can advocate for you with insurance companies so you don’t have to try to plead your situation yourself. We work to save you time and aggravation, and since we’ve developed relationships with carriers, we are able to act as advocates for you.


  • Analyzing your situation. If your claim frequency or severity changes, we can work with you to address underlying issues. We may also be able to work with you to develop plans to minimize the frequency and severity of your claims, minimizing your risks and potentially maximizing your savings on premiums.