Workers Compensation

Gunn-Mowery is committed to helping you find the worker’s compensation plan that best meets your business’ unique needs. We understand how important it is to find a plan that takes care of your employees, while keeping costs down. Our experts will help you make sure you are prepared if/when an accident occurs.


Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage is required by law and varies by state. Medical and lost wages are provided to an employee for a work-related injury, and the employer is provided protection against lawsuits filed for employers’ liability. There are several specific exposures that may require a closer look in regards to your workers’ compensation coverage.


Specific Exposures that Require a Closer Look for your Workers Compensation Coverage

  • Pennsylvania Construction Workplace Misclassification Act – Learn how to determine if an individual is an independent contractor or employee and what the penalties may be for an intentional infraction. You do not have to pay workers’ compensation for independent contractors in Pennsylvania, but if an independent contractor works as an employee, they need workers’ compensation insurance. Even if an employee’s work agreement lists them as an independent contractor, you can face penalties for not providing them with workers’ compensation benefits if you control the manner and location of their work, or if you otherwise treat the contractor as an employee.


  • Subcontractors and Premium Audits – Contractors may be charged at audit time if a subcontractor was used without securing their workers’ comp certificate of insurance.  Injured 1099 subcontractors without workers’ compensation can still file a claim under a contractor’s insurance policy. These cases can be especially common in the construction industry. If a workers’ compensation judge determines the subcontractor is eligible, the contractor and their insurance company will be mandated to pay the claim.


  • Offering Workers’ Compensation to Sole Proprietors, Partners, and Members of LLCs – Carriers are not required to offer this type of coverage. However, you may still wish to provide coverage for all workers. Or, you may be a sole proprietor or other non-eligible worker seeking insurance for yourself. Contact us to discuss this coverage.


  • Out of State Exposures – An employer must arrange for coverage in all states in which they have an exposure, no matter how small. If any of your employees live, temporarily travel through other states or work in other states even some of the time, you need coverage for those states, too. As your company grows, you may have interests and work outside of your home state, and it is important to get coverage for each new location — even if your employees work most of the time in Pennsylvania.


Gunn-Mowery’s Loss Control specialists have helped companies reduce or eliminate factors in the workplace that may have contributed to workers’ compensation illnesses or injuries. We’ve also helped to manage the indirect costs associated with workplace accidents and their disruption. Click here for more information on risk management and loss control.


The Upside of Workers Comp Insurance

Workers’ comp protects employees from the cost of a serious work injury and ensures their medical bills and some lost wages are taken care of. Workers’ comp also protects employers from claims and ensures that workers are supported in a workplace accident, regardless of fault. That’s the Upside of workers’ compensation Insurance.

The Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery is that we take the guesswork out of the equation. Whether you’re a corporation with thousands of employees or a small company with 10 workers, we get you the right insurance and help you minimize your risks. If you have questions about eligibility or need help making your premiums fit your budget, Gunn-Mowery is there for you. Contact us today for a quote to see the Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery.


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