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Insuring the Needs of Design Professionals at Gunn-Mowery

Architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape professionals, and design consultants are all dedicated to their crafts, but mistakes and misunderstandings happen. Lawsuits are inevitable in our litigious society and providing the proper protection to your firm is what Gunn-Mowery does best.

You need to invest in design professional insurance if you are an architect, engineer, landscaper, surveyor, design consultant or any other type of professional or business in this field. To find the most inclusive, affordable coverage, you can rely on Gunn-Mowery to be not only your insurance agent but also your advisor.

The Gunn-Mowery team will listen to the details of your business or career, and our professionals can advise you regarding the risks and liabilities you may face. Our experts have experience in the design insurance sector and can explain risks where coverage is advisable. Further, we search for custom tailored insurance solutions that address your needs and your budget, even seeking solutions from multiple companies to bring you quotes you can compare. That’s the Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery.

At Gunn-Mowery, our expertise lies in identifying and evaluating risk for professional firms in a variety of industries. We have special expertise that enables us to recognize professional liability exposure and tailor specific coverage to protect your firm. Our experts are able to make the leap from respected agent to trusted advisor, helping you protect what’s vital to your business.


How Insurance Can Work for Your Design Professionals Practice

Insurance for engineers, architects, surveyors and other professionals protects you if a client takes legal action over a mistake you or an employee made or are alleged to have made. Insurance may be needed in situations where a client contends financial loss stemming from:

  • Recklessness: When a client alleges you did not take due care with the quality of designs or made careless mistakes, this coverage can protect you by paying for any damages awarded and paying for defense costs.
  • Broken Promises: Sometimes, design and build projects take longer than expected due to circumstances beyond your control. If your company does not fulfill a promise, a client can sue, alleging the broken promise resulted in financial losses. In these cases, insurance can cover your legal defense and any damages awarded.
  • Mistakes or Incorrect Designs: If a design proves to be not up to code, poorly implemented, inadequate or otherwise fails to meet specific standards, the legal costs can be significant. Insurance can help cover you in these circumstances.


Protecting You Investments

While designers, architects, engineers and other professionals in this sector have extensive training, mistakes can still occur. Unfortunately, when miscommunication or misaligned expectations occur, legal action is an all-too-common result. In these situations, insurance for architects and other design professionals protects you by paying for defense costs — even in false claims — and any damages awarded.

When you need to explore the benefits of architects insurance or coverage for other design professionals, turn to Gunn-Mowery. The Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery is thanks to our client-centered approach that puts you first. We listen to your needs and understand your field so we can offer solutions right for you.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all insurance products — our experience has taught us that doesn’t work. Instead, we use our integrity and technical knowledge, as well as our networks in insurance to find you the right coverage. Even if your insurance needs are unusual, our experts are willing to help. That’s the Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Professional liability coverage not only pays for damages awarded, but also prepares you for a lawsuit by paying defense costs, including false claims. Through direct and brokerage relationships, we have access to the top professional liability carriers providing protection for design professionals.

The Upside of Insurance with Gunn-Mowery is how we help you reach your goals and the way we help you get there. It’s what excites us about what we do, how we do it, and why our clients rely on us to support their insurance needs.


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