Builders’ Risk Insurance

Businesses may be interested in building a manufacturing plant, offices or other business property, or they may be extensively expanding a current business property. When construction is underway, it is important for contractors to have builders’ risk coverage to cover the materials and structure during the construction phase.


What Is a Builders’ Risk Policy?

Builders’ Risk insurance policies pay for damages and losses on a construction site in the event of weather-related damage, fire, theft, vandalism, vehicle collisions on the site and other losses that can affect construction. This type of policy is important to protect both the contractors and the business owners from losses that can impact the overall cost of the construction project.

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For example, with this type of coverage, it is important that the coverage limits on the policy correctly represent the final completed value of the structure, including the labor and materials costs as these costs. Since these costs can change over the course of a construction project, you’ll want to speak with a professional at Gunn-Mowery to ensure you get the right policy.


Another consideration with Builders’ Risk coverage is that the policies cover three months, six months or one year of construction. As many businesses know, unexpected construction delays are quite common. Often, policy terms can only be extended one additional time. A professional at Gunn-Mowery can work with you to ensure you get the right terms on your policy to fully protect you during the entire construction process. That’s the Upside of working with us.


Working With Gunn-Mowery

If you’re interested in a Builders’ Risk policy, it’s important to contact one of our experts who will walk you through the requirements for this type of insurance. The Upside of working with Gunn-Mowery for your insurance needs is that we work harder to ensure you get the service and coverage you require. This can be especially important with builders’ risk coverage, since there are specific needs.


Gunn-Mowery is an independent insurance agency, meaning we work with multiple insurance companies but are not beholden to any of them. Our main priority is to bring you the insurance coverage and the insurance savings you need to succeed in business. Whatever your insurance needs, you can reach out to us for a free quote today.