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From gas to electric, windmills to solar panels, the energy industry keeps our world moving. We make sure that the equipment, employees and vehicles that help power our communities don’t short circuit.

The Energy Industry encounters rising commercial insurance costs and increasing exposure to loss with dwindling options for most brokers. We have extensive experience in marketing Energy Industries to insurance companies that focus on this industry sector. In addition, we offer a number of broker services, loss control and claims management programs that work in tandem with the specialized products available to you. 


Who We Cover

Alternate Energy Solutions

Propane Distributors

Convenience Stores

Gasoline Distributors

Retail & Wholesale Heating Oil Distributors

Energy Construction Companies

Onshore Oil & Gas Exploration Distributors

Utility Companies

Transportation Companies

Coal Companies

What We Cover

Pollution Liability
Pollution Insurance provides coverage for claims associated with clean-up costs, as well as covering injury to third parties, such as neighbors harmed by a release of toxic substances. The costs of a chemical spill or any leak of hazardous materials can be enormous for an organization, making pollution insurance mission-critical for most businesses. A pollution claim can result in expensive clean-up costs, as well as property or bodily damage.

Also, a pollution liability claim can easily result in litigation and investigation to determine who is responsible. The costs of legal teams and investigations can be significant, especially since these claims tend to involve multiple parties. The producer of the harmful pollutant, the owner, and tenant of the business property where the spill or exposure took place and other parties may all be considered when evaluating a claim.


Commercial Auto
Commercial Auto Insurance provides both liability and physical damage coverage for the vehicles and trailers your business uses every day at the higher limits demanded by today’s market. This includes liability, comprehensive & collision, hired & non-owned and uninsured & underinsured motorists.

We can help you correctly insure your:

  • Commercial Fleet-including trucks, vans, box trucks and flatbeds
  • Private passenger fleet-including everyday cars & SUVs used by salespeople & owners
  • Trailers-including utility trailers, covered trailers & mobile workstations
  • Classic & Antique vehicles-with sentimental value to the business
General Liability Coverage
Contractor general liability insurance is a class of insurance that provides liability protection to businesses in the case of bodily harm or property damage during the course of business.

Contractors or developers may actually be required to have a minimum level of liability insurance either by law in some states or to win certain contracts that require it. Companies who complete many design-build projects will definitely want to have liability insurance in case they are sued for mistakes. Also, subcontractors are frequently required to carry liability insurance in order to work for certain general contractors.


Errors & Omissions
Errors & Omissions insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, is a type of insurance offering that provides coverage for businesses against claims arising from errors or mistakes in their work.

For example, if an engineer makes an error when calculating the structural requirements for a building, which later causes the owner to have to make costly repairs down the line, the owner might sue the engineer to recover the costs. In that case, the engineer’s E&O policy might cover the claim.


Inland Marine
For the construction industry “inland marine insurance” applies primarily to the tools and equipment used by contractors and developers. This policy can cover many types of property used by construction professionals, including:

  • Contractor’s tools, equipment, clothing, and supplies (hammers, drills, generators, electric saws, wood, drywall, etc.)
  • Mobile equipment (excavators, forklifts, loaders, cranes, etc.)
  • Leased or borrowed equipment (leased tools or mobile equipment like electric generators and forklifts)
  • Computer equipment and data (laptops, tablets, private project data)


Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is insurance coverage designed to protect businesses and contractors when their employees are injured while on the job. It does this by covering the following costs after a covered incident:

  • Medical expenses
  • Missed wages
  • Ongoing recovery costs related to an injury
  • Legal fees when an injured person sues the policyholder
  • Funeral costs and death benefits


Happy Upsiders

“Several years ago we were looking for a more cost effective insurance carrier and we were not satisfied with the options our insurance broker at the time was giving us. We explored a few other options before deciding to switch to Gunn-Mowery. As a result, they have been able to provide us with significantly increased coverage limits while keeping our cost affordable. They have been very flexible when our coverage needs have changed and have already gotten us coverage quickly and for a good value. The claims process is also very smooth and straight forward.”

-Durrell Nolt

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