Employee Benefits

Like us, your most valuable assets walk in the front door every day. That’s why it’s so important to provide the best benefits possible, so you can continue to attract and retain the very best talent.

We pride ourselves in taking the extra time to help you get the best coverage you can achieve for the investment you can afford. Our experience makes this process simple. As the Upside of Insurance, we provide:

If you’re looking for employee benefits you might be interested to learn that Gunn-Mowery has more than 30 years of experience in helping local businesses secure employee benefit solutions. Our four offices across Central PA bring the Upside to your business in nearby areas such as Lancaster, PA. Whether you have one office a national or state presence, our more than 70 insurance professionals can address all your needs.


Gunn-Mowery also has three administrative tools to help your business:


Wex Health Cloud is the industry leading cloud-based platform which provides a single end-to-end user experience for administering reimbursement accounts (MERP/HRA/FSA/HSA). This platform is extremely flexible and is fully integrated with the Benny Prepaid Benefits Card, the Gunn-Mowery “Refund Me” Mobile Application and many enrollment and claims systems. It is 100% web-based and includes real-time integrations, to ensure that data remains synchronized. Gunn-Mowery has a video demo to let you see Wex Health in action.



Maxwell Health is a service our team at Gunn-Mowery spent a considerable amount of time interviewing to make the right choice. This benefits technology aligned with our initiatives that every organization should have access to an online system for employees to seamlessly enroll in and manage benefits. Maxwell takes you completely paperless and engages your employees with an awesome mobile app to access their benefits and stay healthy throughout the year.  Take a look at Maxwell Health today to see how it can change your employee benefits plan and sign up to attend a free demo webinar.




HR360 lets you ease the burden on your HR department. This platform automates some of the benefits questions and simple tasks and delivers comprehensive, easy-to-navigate, human resources and benefits news, content, tools and forms. The attorney-reviewed HR tools help businesses manage employees and stay compliant with Health Care Reform and federal & state labor laws. See HR360 in action to see what it can do for you and your employee benefits in State College, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA or your community.




Even once you establish employee benefits in your business, changes to rules and regulations can impact your program. Ensuring compliance of your program is mission-critical, and Gunn-Mowery offers frequent updates about compliance issues to help you understand any challenges you may need to address. Whether you offer employee benefits in Harrisburg, PA, or at your company in another community, we’re here to help.



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