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Gunn-Mowery business clients have the edge to succeed because they receive industry-leading solutions and are advised on cutting-edge opportunities to minimize risk and maximize savings. Our experts work and study hard to stay ahead of the changing business landscape. You can expect the Upside with outstanding customer service from experienced and knowledgeable representatives who enjoy what they do. 


If you need business insurance anywhere across Central Pennsylvania, you need more than just coverage. You need strong service support to ensure you have the coverage you need to keep properly insured and adapt as your business changes. Most importantly, insurance for your business keeps you and your employees protected so you can grow. With the right coverage, you enjoy peace of mind, and the financial resources you need to keep your doors open.

What Makes Gunn-Mowery Different?

Our agency enjoys the challenge of analyzing risks. Over 15 years ago we helped several of our larger customers from their own captive insurance company. The member companies came together to jointly own the company and enjoy the benefits of lower costs, improved loss control, and claims management, as well as opportunities for dividend distribution and long-term control over their insurance destiny. Today, this captive insurance company has over 23 active members, all working collectively with Gunn-Mowery’s assistance. This same forward thinking helped to create our Genesis Healthcare Consortium. Currently, 18 local companies are members of Genesis and take advantage of the group purchasing of administrative services and stop loss insurance.


Whether you’re looking in York, State College, Lancaster or another PA community, your industry will determine a great deal about the business insurance coverage you need. Gunn-Mowery recognizes this need by offering industry-specific support to ensure you address the risks and the insurance needs of your specific sector. We specialize in Agribusiness, Construction, Energy, Design Professionals, Cyber, Safety and Loss Control and Farm industries.


We also have our own commercial claims department, solely dedicated to helping your company report, track, and analyze your claims through to conclusion. 





Your team has never let me down. That's what I love about everybody there at Gunn-Mowery. You make this part of my job so much easier knowing I don't have to spend countless hours trying to make sure we are getting the service and coverage we need. Thank you all!

‐ Brian Klemz, President

Specialty Accident & Liability Insurance Coverage in Central PA:

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Insurance Concerns for Businesses with Telecommuters

According to SHRM, 59% of U.S. employers allow employees to work from locations outside of the office. And as technology continues to get better, we see that percentage increasing in the future. In order to understand the insurance concerns for telecommuters and employees on business travel, it’s important to identify the types of telecommuters.  ... Read More

Living in a World of Lawsuits: Why You Need Umbrella Coverage

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Does Your Business have a Flood Plan?

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Does My Small Business Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

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Does My Business Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Large corporations often have significant legal departments as well as detailed employee handbooks, contracts and rules in addition to HR departments to ensure the risk of employee lawsuits is minimized. Small and medium businesses may not have these additional ways to minimize risk. In addition, all companies can be subject to employee claims of... Read More

How Crime Coverage Can Protect Your Business From Employee Theft

For many businesses, employees are the biggest asset. However, team members can also pose a significant risk. They know internal information and often handle company credit cards, assets, cash and other valuables and therefore have the ability to steal from or defraud their employers. No matter how carefully you screen your employees, some of them... Read More

7 Tips for Filing a Property Claim

There are many incidents that can cause major setbacks for businesses. Electrical fires can damage inventory and equipment as well as shut down a business temporarily. Customer injuries can lead to lawsuits, natural disasters can destroy property, and burglaries can result in thousands of dollars of losses in equipment and valuables. Our claims team... Read More

Equifax’s Insurance Is Said Likely Inadequate Against Breach

Since the Equifax data breach, which saw the personal information of many consumers hacked, much has been written about liability of the company in the breach. Equifax, like most companies in the sector, has cyber insurance to cover incidents related to hacks. However, reports suggest Equifax cyber insurance coverage isn’t enough to cover the company’s... Read More

7 Ways Ransomware Could Invade your Company

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