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Cyber liability is fast becoming a concern for small, medium-sized and larger businesses across the country and around the world. With new data breaches and security threats to companies popping up almost every day, now is the time to contact Gunn-Mowery to discuss your options for insurance to protect you from such events.


Why Do You Need Cyber Risk Insurance?

Just about every company uses computers and technology as part of everyday work, and while technology makes work simpler, it can also open companies up to a range of liability claims. Data breaches are just the tip of the iceberg. Claims of plagiarism, wrongful entry, misrepresentation, invasion of privacy, spam law violations, identity theft, transmission of malware and other claims can be costly.

Gunn-Mowery can help you find robust cyber liability insurance solutions, so you can use technology while enjoying a sense of security. No matter what your needs, Gunn-Mowery’s Upside of Insurance is finding custom solutions that meet your industry and specific needs. We can help you find insurance to cover the threat of:

  • Infringement claims
  • Wrongful representation claims
  • Unauthorized access claims
  • Denial of service claims
  • Claims stemming from data breaches and leaks of confidential information
  • Business interruption claims
  • Lawsuits stemming from computer attacks and subsequent loss of income
  • Cyber extortion allegations
  • Social Engineering Claims
  • Claims stemming from violations of HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Gunn-Mowery builds strong relationships with insurance carriers, and we can leverage these relationships when you need the best quotes and options possible. Whether you need cyber coverage or a range of liability and other business insurance, we can put together an insurance package that covers you while maximizing your savings.


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Cyber Insurance Coverage’s can include:  

Media Liability

  • Infringement of copyright, title, slogan, trade name
  • Plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation of ideas
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Wrongful representation of character, reputation, products or services
  • Wrongful entry or eviction, trespass or eavesdropping


Security Liability

  • Transmission of a computer virus
  • Unauthorized access
  • Denial-of-service to a customers/vendors system
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Identity theft


Business Interruption & Extra Expense

  • Loss of income resulting from a computer attack
  • Additional expenses incurred to restore the business as quickly as possible


Cyber Extortion

  • Coverage for the investigation and settlement of a cyber threat


Gunn-Mowery believes the Upside of Insurance also comes down to excellent customer service. We answer all your questions, and if you ever need to make a claim, we can contact insurance companies for you. That way, you don’t waste precious time being placed on hold by a major insurance carrier.


Cyber Market is Constantly Changing

As rapidly as the Cyber world and subsequently the Cyber Insurance Market is changing, you need an agency that is devoted to learning the constantly evolving landscape of Cyber and who will be able to be an advocate to provide you with the most up-to-date and vital coverages – not according to several months ago – but according to today.

If you use computers or technology in any capacity in your business, protect yourself with the right insurance today. Learn more about coverage options from Gunn-Mowery or contact us for a free quote.


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